We're a Pop-Up Bar (PUB™) exclusively available inside select San Francisco Bay area Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy locations. We administer B12 shots + vitamin-nutrient injections that are truly unique + effective for promoting optimal health + wellness.


We're here to make your life healthier ... + easier. That's why we offer the option to make reservations for shots online. We also make it easy for you to complete our consent form online before your first visit. It's our goal to efficiently accommodate you + your busy schedule. You're welcome to pop in at your convenience, but know that we accommodate those with reservations first. Whether you make reservations online or simply pop in, the choice is yours. We believe options are a beautiful thing.


we want to save you money + we want to save the world


10 PACKS: We offer 10 of the same shot at a 20% savings when you pay ahead. Our system tracks your visits + automatically deducts them from your account. You can log on to MindBody to view your history + buy more packages! There's no need to carry a punchcard ... we make it easy for you!

Note: packages can't be shared, transferred, or redeemed for cash. Packages consist of the same shot + can't be upgraded or traded.


2-FERS: We help make our shots more affordable if you like to get two at a time ... what we call a 2-fer. Our shots are extremely popular + are formulated to "stack" offering you even more benefits. That's why we created this offer: Buy one, get a 2nd one for 50% OFF!

Note: 2 shots need to be administered to the same person during the same visit. The 2-fer option can't be combined with other offers + doesn't count toward a third or future shot.


THRIVABILITY™: Our sister non-profit is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that offers the same shots on a sliding scale to first responders, devout vegans, those diagnosed with a medical disability or faced with financial hardship, as well as primary caregivers for a family member with a severe medical disability. 

Note: we have an online eligibility form for you to complete—either at the Bar or ahead of time—it only takes a couple of minutes. 



(B) FIT.



These are a few of our favorite things.



Dr. Gayl Hyde, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Gayl Hyde, Naturopathic Doctor


Say hello to your health.

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to feel great. And who wants to wait to feel great. I totally get that. I want you to feel your very best, look your very best + be your very best—like right now!

That’s why I created (B) Bar—a B12 Pop-Up Bar (PUB™) that offers intramuscular injections blending B vitamins + other nutrients such as antioxidants, amino acids, minerals + my fave, homeopathic medications that remedy concerns like nobody’s business!

My proprietary formulas are like no other. I founded the original Shot Bar™ in 2011, winning awards + being voted Best Integrative Wellness 2016 + 2017 by Ranch + Coast magazine. After six years in San Diego, I’ve returned to my home by the Bay. I’m back! Your partner in health for quick solutions to common concerns.

Pop-Up Bar (PUB) locations are found across the San Francisco Bay area inside Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy. Check times + locations near you.

See you at the Bar!

Gayl Hyde, ND, MS Founder/Creator/Director, (B) Bar™ President, Thrivability™

Gayl Hyde, ND, MS
Founder/Creator/Director, (B) Bar™
President, Thrivability™