The (B) side to our B Bar™ is a nonprofit organization, Thrivability™, that offers the same vitamin shots on a sliding scale to first responders, devout vegans, people diagnosed with a medical disability, primary caregivers for a family member with a severe medical disability + those faced with financial hardship based on up to 400% the US poverty level—that means if you live alone, you may qualify for our program if your annual income is $48,240 or less.

Fill out the eligibility form—when you visit us at the Bar or ahead of time online —it only takes a couple minutes! First responders + devout vegans automatically qualify for 25% OFF all regularly priced shots. If you’re in one of these categories + believe you may be eligible for additional assistance (a more substantial discount) based on a medical disability or financial hardship, fill out the form + we'll see how much more we can help you!


First Responders

We're grateful for our first responders. We thank you for all you do. For keeping us safe. For protecting + saving us. We give thanks to first responders by offering 25% OFF all regularly priced shots through our Thrivability™ program. You may be eligible for an even deeper discount based on your household income.

Under this category, you must have an ID to present that confirms you're an active member of a fire department, police department, or the military—we also honor veterans! 


Devout Vegans

We appreciate you for making a conscious decision to make the world a better place. Your lifestyle commitment helps protect the planet + its resources + it saves lives. Because of your dedication, together we make a difference + shift the world toward a new paradigm so that all life has the ability to thrive! Obviously, that's our thing! 


Medical Disability + Financial Hardship

We understand the costs of healthcare + the importance good nutrition + preventive care have on your health. That's why we offer our vitamin shots at a substantially lower rate to those faced with a medical disability or financial hardship. We believe in the healing power of our shots + feel everyone deserves the ability to thrive—that's Thrivability™!



Help us continue giving back to the community.

MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION TODAY. Help us offer our unique treatments to those who need it the most by making a tax deductible charitable donation to our registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Because everyone deserves the ability to THRIVE!