As a matter of fact, take 50% OFF all subsequent shots! Many people enjoy the benefits of getting more than one shot at a time. Our shots compliment one another + are formulated to "stack"! That's why we offer a 50% savings on your second shot (+ third shot) ... for the health of it!

Shots need to be administered to the same person at the same time. Discounts applied to the lesser valued shots.


Glutathione may be contraindicated in the presence of cancer, as it protects all cells. Intramuscular (IM) injection of glutathione has been found to reduce toxicity following chemotherapeutic drugs. Please consult with your licensed physician to see if glutathione is appropriate for you.

We use many different homeopathic medications in our shot formulas. Shot descriptions may refer to a “select homeopathic,” “homeopathic blend,” “homeopathic formula,” “specialized homeopathics,” or other description about homeopathic medications; each shot contains a unique homeopathic remedy that targets the symptoms of that particular shot. Homeopathic injections are pregnancy category C. Homeopathy (biomedical therapy) is a modality used in traditional medicine; its use is based on the Materia Medica + supported by clinical trials.

These treatments are not substitutions for standard medical care.

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